Lyst til at møde en fremmed?

 18. januar 2022

Nu er det tid at søge om at komme med i netværket for unge kvindelige ledere, så hvis du er omring 35 år og i en lederstilling, så Overvej lige om det kunne være noget for dig at møde 12 kvindelige ledere fra Kairo og tilsvarende fra Denmark.

Vi holder en 3 dages workshop henholdsvis i Kairo og i København, det er DEDI, der står bag.
Du er velkommen til at ta kontakt til mig, ansøgningsfristen er den 7. Februar 2022

Margrethe Lyngs


Call for applications for Women Take the Lead 2022 edition

With great pleasure, the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative invites you to apply to be part of the Women Take the Lead Network.

The aim of the network is to bring young women in leadership positions in Denmark and Egypt together to share professional experiences, inspire each other and get cultural insights. The network will have 12 members from each country.

You can apply if you are aged between 25 and 35 years and have minimum one year of experience in a leadership position with responsibility of managing staff.

When selecting, we are keen on ensuring that members are coming from diverse fields in the private and public sectors and have an expressed interest in professional networking and intercultural exchange.

The 2022 Program

To apply, please fill in the application before February 7, 2022

The Women Take the Lead Network was initiated by DEDI in 2020. The aim is to promote women’s equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision making in political, economic and public life. Traditionally, women have had less opportunities in professional networking than men, and this is considered to be a factor hindering women to rise in their careers.

You can learn about the experiences of the Women Take the Lead Network 2021 in this article:

The Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI) was established in Cairo in 2004 as an inter-governmental body. The overall aim is to foster knowledge and mutual understanding of society and culture among Egyptians and Danish people. Our approach is dialogue and partnerships. You can read more about DEDI on